What We Do

We specialize in helping you find your best solutions and move forward.

We tailor conflict resolution services to individuals, business partnerships, groups, and organizations that help you to address conflict and discord in your relationships. We get into the trenches of your conflict and creating YOUR resolution of the conflict.

Our services include coaching, facilitation, mediation, and strategy building for dispute management.

Our diverse team of Mediators comes from ethical and professional backgrounds, so you can be comfortable knowing that the Mediator working with you is a specialist in your type of conflict.

We work with Law Firms and Lawyers to create the best possible resolution for the client.

We also work with Community Centers to provide conflict resolution assistance to conflicts caused by cross-cultural clashes.

Conciliation sessions

  • Where we help you find an agreeable solution before the dispute spirals out of control.

One-on-One sessions

  • One-on-One conflict management coaching for conflicts of a personal nature and conflicts between business partners.
  • We work with you to find a way to turn your worrisome situation or event into an assisted conversation geared toward a solution that is right for you.
  • We work with you to help clarify your situation, and walk you through scenarios to increase your confidence when dealing with potential or current conflict.

Business Partnership Consulting

  • We work with all types of business partnerships such as: Permanent (on going) Partnership, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures.
  • One-on-One relationship management coaching for business partners who want to learn how to give a budding partnership its best start. We can help you make sure your business agreement is truly mutually beneficial.
  • We work with you to help you set up or re- set your evolving partnership relationship to ensure it reflects the success you’ve envisioned.

Mediation services for:

  • Transformative Mediation
  • Business Disputes: between Business Partners or over an Agreement or Contract, between a business and their surrounding neighbours, Business to Business or Business to Customer
  • Elder Mediation – We provide an “Elder Friendly”*  participation process for difficult discussions: for  conflict around settlement of estates, care of elderly parents, inter-generational disagreements.
  • Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Intellectual Property
  • Internal Organizational Conflict: inter-departmental or conflicts within a team, co-worker disagreements.
  • Community and Neighborhood Disputes between: Neighbours, Landlord – Tenant
  • Family Disputes: Divorces & Separations, Parenting Plans (custody & visitation disputes).

Call us when:

  • You are feeling like you’re in an unfair situation
  • You want to give your budding partnership the best chance
  • You feel lost in your partnership
  • You worry your partnership is not heading in a good direction
  • You want to save money on litigation
  • Want to reduce chances of litigation
  • Want to reduce uncertainty in an event a conflict arises

Call us if you’re a business owner who:

  • Partners with other businesses
  • Worries about the risks involved in collaboration

*As Defined by The Family Mediation Canada website.

Family Mediation Canada (http://www.fmc.ca) certifies all elder mediators in Canada.