Mission Statement

Our driving mission is to provide assisted negotiation to help you reach the best resolution for your dispute while making it less intimidating. Here you’ll find the resolution to your problems.

We have all experienced the disappointment of a situation that didn’t go as well as we had hoped and we end up with anxieties, discomfort, and as if the ground was moved from under our feet .

We are here to assist you when you feel you are in over your head and you want a dependable, friendlier dispute resolution process. We know that positive change comes from a strong support team so we keep it simple while maximizing your results.

We can reduce the risk in your business by employing mutually beneficial strategies as one of our business growth tools.

We provide assisted negotiations to help business partners learn the best strategies for communication to help reduce the risk of conflict. Conflict may be unavoidable, but the devastation that often follows can be lessened.

We are COMMITTED to:

  • Providing you with compassionate assistance
  • Helping you understand your position in the dispute; and your rights and responsibilities therein
  • Helping you protect yourself in the process
  • Helping you navigate the dispute and its implications
  • Helping you resolve the issue your way
  • Referring you to our team of trusted partners
  • Providing you with services in an accessible language you can understand
  • Assisting you in negotiations


About Anna Robson

Anna believes that a commitment to be ethically mindful can make the world happier and a business more profitable.

With a background in Conflict Resolution and Public Ethics, Anna is dedicated to the betterment of the world by providing mediation services to those who are interested in solving their problems in a more effective and headache reducing process than litigation.

We know that better long term solutions to disputes come from the parties’ willingness to work it out rather then get in arms and duke it out in court.

“It is important to me to provide transformative justice approach to mutually protective negotiations and contracts.”  -Anna Robson

Education background:
Certified Mediator
MA Public Ethics

Countries Lived:
Saudi Arabia

Languages spoken:

BIOs for our intrepid team of mediators will be up shortly, Stay Tuned!

Definition of Public Ethics:

1. Ethics is a discipline that studies and analyzes human behaviour, people’s values and their way of acting and being while considering the society in which they live.

2. Public ethics is a linking discipline, seeking to bridge theory and practice.